The Chinggis Khaan Heritage and Cultural Institute was established on April 10, 2019 and acting under the Ministry of Culture, Mongolia. 
      The Chinggis Khaan Heritage and Cultural Institute is a cultural and scientific organization that aims to study, promote, and disseminate the role, heritage, culture, and achievements of Chinggis Khaan in history of Mongolia, in world history, and as well as the history of his descendants.
The main functions of the operation:

  • Develop Chinggis Khaan studies as a branch of Mongol studies;
  • Conduct relevant research works for developing historical tourism;
  • Glorify the role of Chinggis Khaan accomplished in Mongolian and in world history;
  • Establish an integrated database of Chinggis Khaan's heritage and culture;
  • Develop an integrated policy and program aimed at disseminating and promoting the history of the Mongolian Empire globally;
  • Conduct a basic study to establish standards and create a legal environment for the use of any ceremonies, honors and names associated with Chinggis Khaan in social relations; 

       In July, 2019, the Government of Mongolia has decided to establish the Chinggis Khaan Museum in order to perpetuate and publicize the historical deeds of Chinggis Khaan, the millennium genius man, the great leader and the great emperor.
     Currently, the Chinggis Khaan Heritage and Cultural Institute is implementing the pre-operational administrative functions of the Chinggis Khaan Museum.